The Art Of Acting

The Art Of Acting

Taught by Robert Reich

THE ART OF ACTING – Taught by Bob Reich at Theatre in the Heights

This course covers basic to advanced acting skills, audition techniques, improvisation, scene study & preparation, character development and performance. The class provides practical and interactive experiences including performing individual and group scenes in class with feedback from other participants and the instructor. It is valuable for people who have never acted to those who seek to improve upon previous acting experience.

Classes will culminate in a Saturday evening performance for invited guests and the general public.

This class can be valuable not only for those who want to act, but anyone who does presentations of any type, wants to overcome fears of public speaking, and to have fun. Think about a lawyer in court – they are acting and giving a performance.

Goals and outcomes of this course:
Learn and improve techniques of acting
Build self-esteem, self-confidence, imagination and creativity
Overcoming fear of public speaking
Social interaction

Summary of topics:
Introduction to acting
Reading plays for content and approach
Auditioning techniques & presentations
Improvisation and games.
Choosing scenes and roles.
Rehearsal of scenes
Character development.
Presentation of individual and group scenes with discussion and feedback.
Taking direction.
How to deal with and respond to audiences.
Incorporating and using costumes, set and props.

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Sundays 2/4 - 3/4 @ 7:00-9:00 p.m.


Saturday 3/10