2122 Audition Info Page

Audition Form

2122 - Audition Form Link (PDF)

The Dinner Party sides

TDP1 - Claude, Albert (p.6-9) (PDF)

TDP2 - Albert, Mariette- (p.18-21) (PDF)

TDP3 - Gabrielle, Andre (p.48-51) (PDF)

TDP4 - Yvonne, Albert (p.38-41) (PDF)

Much Ado About Nothing sides

MAAN1 - Beatrice, Benedick (PDF)

MAAN2 - Claudio, Benedick, Don Pedro(Prince) (PDF)

MAAN3 - Hero, Ursula (PDF)

MAAN4 - Don John, Claudio, Don Pedro(Prince) (PDF)

MAAN5 - Dogberry, Verges, Watchman (PDF)

MAAN6 - Antonio, Leonato (PDF)

MAAN7 - Borachio, Conrade, (Seacoal, Watchman) (PDF)

Private Lives sides

PL1 - Victor, Amanda (p.5-7) (PDF)

PL2 - Elyot, Sybil- (p.10-12) (PDF)

PL3 - Elyot, Amanda- (p.24-27) (PDF)

PL4 - Louise, Victor, Sybil- (p.39-40) (PDF)

Strange Bedfellows sides

SB1 - Warren, Margaret (p.11-12) (PDF)

SB2 - Suzanne, Meacham (p.23) (PDF)

SB3 - Strange, Suzanne (p.24-25) (PDF)

SB4 - Strange, Stout, Strong (p.40-43) (PDF)

SB5 - Chris, Jack (p.26-29) (PDF)

SB6 - Chris (p.5-6) (PDF)

The Death Of Zukasky sides

TDOZ1 - Anne, A.C. (p.10-13) (PDF)

TDOZ2 - Marlino, (Barry) (p.16-17) (PDF)

TDOZ3 - A.C., Barry (p.28-31) (PDF)

Clue: On Stage sides

COS1 - Wadsworth, Green, Peacock, Scarlet, Mustard, White, Plum (p.20-25) (PDF)

COS2 - Wadsworth, Mustard, (Green, Peacock, Scarlet, White, Plum) (p.36-39) (PDF)

COS3 - Mustard, Scarlet (p.46-47) (PDF)

COS4 - Yvette, Wadsworth (Mustard, Green, Peacock, Scarlet, White, Plum) (p.48-49) (PDF)

The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society Christmas Carol sides

FCC1 - Mercedes & Mrs. Reece (p.4) (PDF)

FCC2 - Thelma (Scrooge) & Gordon (Marley) (p.16-18) (PDF)

FCC3 - Felicity (Old Joe), Thelma (Scrooge) & Mrs. Reece (Mrs. Dilber) (p.30-32) (PDF)