10 Minute Plays

An Evening Of
10 Minute Plays

by Local playwrights

10 Minute Plays


by Taryn Cagley

Luke : Bruce Seymour
Ella : Marion Jeffery
Greg : Mark Joyner
Jake : Lyova Margaryan
Mary : Geanne Pack

Directed by: Joanna Johnson

Two Hollywood actors recall their lives 30 years ago.

Got Your Number

by Max Aggie

Oliver : Lyova Margaryan
Jean : Marion Jeffery
Valerie : Ellen Price

Directed by: Blake Flores

A chance encounter in a busy government building while waiting for their numbers to be called.

Al Pals

by Allison Fradkin

Phyllis : Marion Jeffery
Jeanette : Ellen Price
Weird Al : Lyova Margaryan

Directed by: Joanna Johnson

A couple of teens dream of winning a video contest in the '80s.

Hack 1974

by Timothy J. Foley

Jim Carson : Lyova Margaryan
Artie Petrowski : Bruce Seymour

Directed by: Blake Flores

Adventurous young man meets crusty hack in 1974, looking for a job in a NYC cab company.

Thanks Irene, with Love

by E.M. Hodge

RJ : Shane Robert
John : You-Wei Randolph

Directed by: Joanna Johnson

Hurricane Irene brings an unlikely pair together.

She Was a Pretty Good Wife

by Scott Charles

Lenny : Mark Joyner
Harold : Bruce Seymour

Directed by: Shane Robert

Two friends try to make sense of what they are about.

August 12 - 21, 2022

Fridays & Saturdays 8:00 p.m.
Sundays (8/14, 8/21) 4:00 p.m.

An Evening Of
10 Minute Plays:
by Local Playwrights

An eclectic blend of styles by six different local playwrights, performed in an intimate format.