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~~~ Twelfth Night Auditions ~~~


Auditions will consist of readings from the script.

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See below for character descriptions.

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~~~ Casting For 2018 ~~~
Twelfth Night
Orsino (59) A powerful nobleman in the country of Illyria. Orsino is lovesick for the beautiful Lady Olivia, but finds himself becoming more and more fond of his handsome new page boy, Cesario, who is actually a woman—Viola. Orsino is a vehicle through whom Shakespeare explores the absurdity of love. A supreme egotist, Orsino mopes around complaining how heartsick he is over Olivia, when it is clear that he is chiefly in love with the idea of being in love and enjoys making a spectacle of himself.

Fabian (51) A servant in Olivia’s household who has lost that lady’s favor due to Malvolio’s telling her about a bear-baiting Fabian was involved with. For revenge, he joins in the plot to make a fool of Malvolio. He also helps Sir Toby keep control of Sir Andrew. Apparently a natural prankster, he helps to set up the duel between Andrew and Cesario, building up the latter’s fear of Sir Andrew.

Sea Captain (10) The sea captain who rescues Viola after the shipwreck. He helps Viola become a page to Duke Orsino and keeps her identity a secret.

Animal Crackers
Mrs. Rittenhouse (Female 40’s-50’s). Mrs. Rittenhouse is the host of the party. A wealthy society matron who is always put together. A real dame. Money is no object. Preserving and asserting her status is an ongoing occupation.
Strong vocal skills, able to sing in 30’s style.
Should have strong dance/movement ability and be adept at physical comedy.
Mezzo-soprano, Middle C to belt Eb.

Arabella Rittenhouse (Female Late 20’s-30’s). Arabella is Mrs. Rittenhouse’s daughter. An educated debutant who has been out in society for two months. Smart as a whip and knows what she wants. She and Wally Winston make a sophisticated and erudite couple.
Should be a strong singer/dancer. Tap skills a plus.
Soprano, Bb below middle C to high Bb.

Mrs. Whitehead (Female 40’s-60’s). Mrs. Whitehead is a neighbor and rival of Mrs. Rittenhouse. A conniving socialite trying to thwart Mrs. Rittenhouse’s success. She’s sharp, smart, sarcastic and clever. Lacks ethics and morals.

Hives (Male 40’s-70’s -- Chorus) Hives is Head Butler at the Rittenhouse estate. He is snobby, formal, extremely witty and great with status. He is the servant who can insult you to your face, but you take it as a compliment.

Roscoe W. Chandler (Male 40’s-70’s -- Non-singing/Chorus). Roscoe W. Chandler is a wealthy, single tycoon. He has millions, supports the arts and wants to marry Mrs. Rittenhouse.
Must be able to do some physical comedy, and have strong movement skills.
Lyric Baritone, C below middle C to belt F.

Monsieur Doucet (Male 40’s-70’s -- Non-singing/Chorus). Doucet is an art loving Frenchman. Cultured and dripping with arrogance. A bit if a drama queen.

Wally Winston (Male 20’s-40’s). Wally Winston is a hard-working newspaper columnist. He is sexy, sarcastic and full of charm. An intellectual with a great love of life.
Should be a strong singer/dancer. Tap skills a plus.
Tenor, D above middle C to belt A.

Grace Carpenter (Female 40’s-60’s). Grace is Mrs. Whitehead’s sister and partner in crime. She is sexy and worldy-wise.

Mary Stewart (Female 20’s-30’s). Mary Stewart is the earnest ingénue. She has a big heart and believes in a brighter future.
Should be a strong singer/dancer.
Soprano, middle C to high D.

Captain Jeffrey T. Spaulding (Male 30’s-60’s). Captain Spaulding is a good con man. A quick witted, fast-talker with incredible verbal dexterity. He is a funny, fierce, charming wise guy. His intelligent and anarchistic sensibility drives the play.
A strong character actor. Must be extremely comfortable with physical comedy and be able to sing and dance.
Not seeking a Groucho impersonation, but certain characteristics of voice, movement, and delivery are part of the role.
Tenor, Ab below middle C to belt A.

Emmanuel Ravelli (Male 30’s-60’s -- Singing). Ravelli is a good-humored band leader. He pursues money in whatever way possible; gambling, betting, petty theft, etc. An early 20th Century, lower eat side quality who retains his ‘Italian heritage’. A lot of humor comes from his mispronouncing of English.
Should be able to sing. Has two solos songs.
Lyric Baritone, D above middle C to belt F.

The Proffesor (Male 30’s-60’s -- Non speaking). The Professor has an uninhibited, playful, childlike demeanor with an irrepressible libido. Seems oblivious, but knows what is going on around him. Carefree and innocent he does not observe boundaries of class, status, gender, age, property, etc. He steals things, but it seems like more of a game than a malicious or desperate act.
Must be extremely adept at physical comedy.
While an exact impersonation of Harpo is not desired, certain characteristics of movement and delivery are a part of the role.
Mime/clowning experience is preferred, as is the ablilty to play an instrument

Cameos & Ensemble (M/F. All ages). Many singing and non-singing cameo and ensemble roles.
Singing and dancing required for the ensemble roles.

Don't Dress For Dinner
Bernard (Male: 30s-40s) An middle class Frenchman who is cheating with Suzanne.

Jacquline (Female: 20s-30s) Benard's wife who is cheating with Robert.

Suzette (Female: 20s-30s) Bernard's hired Cordon Bleu chef, mistaken for Suzanne.

Robert (Male: 30s-40s) An old college chum of Bernard's who is cheating with Jacquline.

Suzanne (Female: 20s-30s) An French model and actress who is "a knock-out." Bernard's mistress.

George (Male: 30s-40s) Suzette's jealous husband.

Done To Death
Jessica Olive An extremely attractive and sophisticated woman in her middle to late thirties. To her, everything is a joke with a reason to laugh. She and her husband are the epitome of the rich, devil-may-care type of characters who used to be so prevalent in mystery stories and they play their characters to the hilt.

Whitney Olive A few years older than Jessica, he matches her in wit and sophistication. Always the perfect gentleman, he might well have walked out of the pages of Esquire.

Mildred Z. Maxwell A large woman, folksy in a way, but a very determined and opinionated. She often has a sharp way of speaking, although she is a friendly soul. In her late fifties or early sixties.

Brad Benedict He is much younger than the others, and, consequently more mod in his dress, but by no means "hippie." Actually, he is a very shy and retiring person, quite the opposite from the characters he writes. He has a quiet sense of humor which manifests itself in a small grin when he has been amusing, but usually he takes a back seat and admires the others.

Rodney Ducton The oldest of the five authors, but he is extremely vital and constantly interested in everything that goes on. There develops a small rivalry between him and Mildred and a small generation gap noticeable between him and Brad. He is dressed impeccably in a suit and is always full of boundless energy and enthusiasm.

Jason Summers A man in his thirties, efficient-looking right down to his horn-rimmed glasses which he occasionally removes to emphasize a point. He wears a neat, Madison Avenue suit. He is enthusiastic about the project before him but terrified it will go wrong and he will lose his job; hence he has a nervous air about him, plus an always-eager-to-please everybody attitude that makes him seem on the verge of collapse.

Stagehand Unimpressed by anything that happens around him.

Jane She is an eager, young, and pretty maid but one suspects, for a time, that her naivete is not all pure.

Gregory He somehow looks remarkably like a Dracula character with his dark, penetrating eyes and deep widow's peak hairline. When he speaks, it is in a deep, Middle-European accent.

George About thirty. He speaks in a very soft and sophisticated voice which almost purrs his villainy.

Man Dressed the same as George. When he speaks, it is with a tough, staccato voice.

Martha Typical of thirties movies. Her hair is done in a sever style and she speaks with the voice of a hardened woman of the world.

Girl The epitome of the twenties ingenue. Her eyes are widened to their fullest circle of pure innocence. Her hair is a mass of curls and when she moves it is in the manner of the early movies.

Monster Should look as horrible as possible. Possibly he wears one of those rubber "Frankenstein" masks and rubber claw-hands.

Stephanie Mildaur A beautiful girl in her late teens. Although innocent, there is a certain woldliness about her which has come from her life surroundings.

Secretary As modern as they come. She speaks with a slight foreign accent and is breathtakingly beautiful.

House Usher Exactly as the audience sees her (or him) when they enter.

The Ultimate Christmas Show (abridged)
Reed Martin role

Austin Tichenor role

Matt Rippy role

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