Audition Information:

We are always looking to add new talent!
You can contact us at any time for an auditions for any/all our upcoming shows (see below).

Auditions are usually by appointment only and will be ongoing throughout the year.

For an appointment, please send a headshot and resume to

Some shows may have Open Auditions which will be posted here, when dates are determined.

Theatre In The Heights
8215 Auburn Boulevard, Suite G
Citrus Heights, CA 95610-0310
(916) 509-3445


Please, send a head shot and resume to (

2020 - Audition Form Link (PDF)
Please, fill out audition form and bring with you.

Sides will be available in advance.
2020 Audition Sides

By Bill Rowland

Directed by Gian Montesini

Auditions require singing, acting and dancing at the director's discretion. Dress appropriately.

Auditioners must provide sheet music or a CD/MP3 with accompaniment (no vocals)
with ~16 bars of a song they are prepared to sing.

No accompanist will be provided.
Instead, sheet music will be converted to an mp3 file.
Sheet music can be submitted ahead of time via a .pdf file
and an mp3 will be sent back to allow preparation time.
Or, sheet music can be converted on the day of auditions.
Please, send all song PDFs to

Please, no a cappella singing or musical instruments.

Roles available:
Strange Bedfellows
SUZANNE FELLOWS (Female 48) - The Lieutenant Governor of Idaho, and Democratic candidate for Vice President. A very liberal feminist. Soprano:A3-Ab5.

JOEL STRANGE (Male 49) - The Republican President of the United States, and a very eligible bachelor. Baritone:A2-E4.

MARGARET LEACH (Female 50) - The Vice President’s wife, and the VERY driving force behind her husband. Alto:G3-Eb5.

STEVEN STRONG (Male 30) - One of the president’s personal Secret Service agents, and his CONSTANT companion. Also plays audience member in debate and wedding scenes, dance couple #5 in masquerade ball, Democratic supporter in election. Baritone:G2-Eb4.

JACK HOFFMAN (Male) - Reporter for the W.A.S.H. TV news team. Baritone:A2-E4.

CHRIS PHILLIPS (Female or Male 40) - Somewhat cynical anchorperson for W.A.S.H. news. Singing optional.

SANDY (Female) - Plays the following roles as part of the chorus: W.A.S.H. remote director; NADIA, hotel housekeeper; Audience in debate and wedding scenes; Dance couple #4 in masquerade ball; Republican supporter in election scene. Soprano:A3-Ab5.

MANDY (Female) - Plays the following roles as part of the chorus: Newspaper reporter; MELISSA, Suzanne’s aide in hotel room scenes; Audience in debate and wedding scenes; Dance couple #5 in masquerade ball; Democratic supporter in election scene. Mezzo:A3-F5

ANDIE (Female) - Plays the following roles as part of the chorus: Newspaper reporter; ALLISON, hotel concierge; Senator Meacham’s wife in debate, wedding and masquerade ball scenes; Democratic supporter in election scene. Alto:G3-Eb5

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Blake Flores

Auditions will consist of readings from the script.
Much Ado About Nothing
Antonio (Male) - Leonato’s elderly brother and Hero's uncle. He is Beatrice’s father.

Conrade (Male) - One of Don John’s more intimate associates, entirely devoted to Don John. Instrumental in Don John’s plots for revenge and in Don John's demise.

Verges (Male) - The deputy to Dogberry, chief policeman of Messina.

Seacoal (Male) - Lead member of The Watch under Dogberry and Verges.

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