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Theatre In The Heights
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21-22 Audition Sides


By Noel Coward

Directed by Shane Robert

Date: Sunday, December 12, 2021.
Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: Theatre In The Heights

Rehearsals Start 1/24/2022

March 4 - 27, 2022

Auditions will consist of readings from the script(s).
21-22 Audition Sides

For an appointment or more information,
send email to (

Roles available:

Private Lives
Elyot Chase (Male 30s) - Elyot Chase, a handsome, thirtyish man. Five years earlier, he had divorced Amanda, to whom he had been married for three tumultuous years. When he sees Amanda again, he realizes that she is his true love. Elyot, first performed by the playwright himself, represents the witty, irreverent, sophisticated Englishman that the playwright admired and saw himself as exemplifying.

Sibyl Chase (Female 20s) - Sibyl Chase, Elyot’s blond, attractive, twenty-three-year-old bride. Conventional, unimaginative, and innocent, she is Amanda’s antithesis and suggests the playwright’s dim view of the “nice” English girl. She implies to Elyot that she will tailor life to suit his whims.

Amanda Prynne (Female 30s) - Amanda Prynne, Elyot’s first wife, newly married to Victor Prynne. She, too, is honeymooning at Deauville as the play opens. She is the most vivacious character in the work. She is not only beautiful but also spirited, independent, and unconventional—a fit partner for Elyot.

Victor Prynne (Male 40s) - Victor Prynne, a handsome man a few years older than Elyot. Stuffy and stodgy, he lacks a sense of humor. Like Sibyl, he is shocked by the elopement of Elyot and Amanda; when he and Sibyl catch up with the other couple, he chivalrously offers to divorce Amanda even though he deeply loves her. Sibyl is his true soul mate.

Louise (Female) - Louise, Amanda’s French-speaking maid. She makes a brief appearance in the third act. Her inability to speak English and her incomprehension of the bizarre occurrences in the apartment provide a number of laughs.

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