Cattaryna Tekin

Cattaryna Tekin

I Hate Shakespeare! - Gertrude, Traditional Juliet, Emcee, Zombie, British Literary Historian, Desdemona, Sheila, Banquo, Lady Macbeth, Spirit, Antony, Juliet

The Fox On The Fairway - Louise Heindbedder

Exit The Body - Jenny

A Midsummer Night's Dream - Hermia

Dead Man's Cell Phone - Jean

Cattaryna has performed in several shows at Theatre in the Heights. She has also performed at Chautauqua Playhouse, favorite shows there being Vanities (Mary), The Maltese Falcon (Brigid O’Shaughnessy), Hollywood Arms (Carol Burnett), and the Princess/Female lead in The Princess and the Pea, Sleeping Beauty, and Robin Hood. Other favorite roles include You Cant Take it With You (Essie) at Sutter Street Theatre and performing at the Actor’s Workshop in Uncle Vanya (Sonya), King Lear (Regan), and The Tempest (Miranda).

Cattaryna works as a theatre teacher, director, and stage manager, working with K thru 12 students. She is very excited to be cast in Dead Man’s Cell Phone and is grateful to be working with this wonderful cast and crew.