Janet Bailey Kiddie

Janet Bailey Kiddie

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The Gin Game - Fonsia Dorsey-->

This is Janet's second time on stage at Theatre in the Heights. She is thrilled to be performing with Stephen Kauffman as Fonsia Dorsey in "The Gin Game".

She began acting when living on the Mendocino Coast from 1974 to 1984 where she had roles in "Beggars' Opera", "Bye Bye Birdie", "The Mad Woman of Chaillot" and a local production of a clown circus. After moving to Santa Rosa, she had a role in "Animan Crackers", "Music Man" and "A Christmas Carol". Since moving to the Sacramento area, she performed at the Crocker Museum for the Performing Arts in "The Flood", one of the monologs in "The Vagina Monologs".

She wants to thank Blake Flores for recommending her to Stephen Kauffman for the role of Fonsia Dorsey in "The Gin Game". She thanks Stephen from the bottom of her heart for selecting her for the role. She is most grateful to her husband, Gary, who spent many long hours helping her memorize her lines and listening to her constant chattering about Fonsia and Weller as they struggled with each other's dominating personalities while playing Gin in a depressing, run-down home for old people.