Liza Seipel

Liza Seipel

The Savannah Sipping Society - Randa Covington

This is Liza’s first theater debut. She is excited about acting in a heart-warming comedy highlighting friendships from different walks of life. Liza was born in Montreal, Quebec, grew up in Ohio, and moved to California in the mid 1980's with her family.

Always seeking new experiences, this past year has created a few firsts. She had her first movie role in post-production, The Elevator: No Room for Justice (Mark Hoffman/ Director). Furthermore, when her favorite local band, “Joy & Madness”, contacted fans for their music video, she gladly participated.

Because Liza is artistic, versatile and creative, she pursued a marketing career and is a Sacramento State graduate. Besides helping others when needed as a CA Real Estate agent, she loves traveling, cycling, wine tasting, photography, movie marathons and live concerts. She is appreciative to family and friends for their encouragement.

Lastly, Liza extends a big thanks for the creative direction from Blake Flores and Vanessa Voetsch. Enjoy the show!