Monique McKisson

Monique McKisson

Belles - Aneese Walker

Done To Death - Mildred Z. Maxwell

God's Favorite - Rose Benjamin

According To Goldman - Melanie Miller

This is Monique's 4rth production with Theater In The Heights and she is thrilled to be back. Her first show here was "Belles" for which she recieved an Elly nomination for her role as Aneese Walker,she portrayed Mildred Z. Maxwell in "Done to Death" voted best show by season ticket holders and Rose Benjamin in Gods Favorite. She received an Ellie nomination For Theater Ones production of "Chicken Littles Christmas" and an outstanding achievement award for her role as Madame Le Coq in Free Fall's Production of "Murder By Membership Only". She is very proud to share the stage with Marco and Kevin whose talent "makes me look good"! She has shared the stage with her director Justin Mancini and now to be directed by him and entrusted with this role she is humbled and grateful.

This little theater is home in her heart and Blake Flores, Vanessa Voetsch and all associated with it are her family. A gift that will be forever cherished. Love to Gia. Her fur baby that does the head tilt while she does lines!?