Blake Flores

Blake Flores

Fools - Director

The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare (abridged)[revised] - Director / Daniel Singer role

Kitchen Witches - Director

Boeing Boeing - Director / Robert

Just Say Yes! - Director

Love's Labour's Lost - Director

A Thousand Clowns - Director / Murray Burns

Blithe Spirit - Director

The Game's Afoot - Director

Twelfth Night - Director

The Good Doctor - Director / Male 2 (General Brassilhov, Old Man, Policeman, Kistunov)

Don't Dress For Dinner - Director / Bernard

Done To Death - Director

The Ultimate Christmas Show (abridged) - Director / Austin Tichenor role

The Savannah Sipping Society - Director

Blake has the affliction of "Theater In The Blood." There is no cure. So, this is where you will always find him. To him, there is nothing like the theatrical ambiance. Regardless of his capacity: actor, director, producer, lighting designer/operator, set designer/construction, box office, plumber, royal theatrical bottle washer, etc., the theater is where he will be. Many thanks to Vanessa for helping to make this dream a reality...again.

He can also be found as the face (and sometimes voice) of the hard boiled '30s detective Cable Denning in the books/audio books by James P. Alsphert.
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