Toody Lawrence

Toody Lawrence

Boeing Boeing - Gabriella

Blithe Spirit - Violet Bradman

Don't Dress For Dinner - Jacqueline

The Dinner Party - Gabrielle Buonocelli

Toody made her acting debut at Theatre in the Heights as Gabriella in Boeing Boeing and is delighted to return as Gabrielle in The Dinner Party. She has also been seen at TITH as Jaqueline in Don’t Dress for Dinner, and Mrs. Bradmanin Blithe Spirit. Her other credits include M’Lynn in Steel Magnolias at Lincoln Theatre Company, and Sissy in the Errant Phoenix Production of Come Back to the Five and Dime, JimmyDean, Jimmy Dean.

Toody would like to thank everyone at Theatre In The Heights for their hard work and dedication to the show and her family and friends for their love and support.